Greenfoot rpg engine alpha

This is a project from some time ago where I started the development of a game engine in greenfoot.
At that time I had to develop a small game as an assignment for school and I wanted to make a classic RGP like the original Zelda games.
Since it was required we had to use greenfoot but I was to lazy to write everything from scratch and a lot of methods in greenfoot don’t make much sense so I started abstracting more and more.
The development was really tedious because of the complications greenfoot creates (OutOfMemory Exceptions, Compiler not wanting to work anymore, a really bad editor,…) and because I didn’t know git…

Here is a git repository with the most recent version.
I have to apologize for the bad naming scheme at that time I still used a lot of German names for variables and functions but at the moment I am occupied with other projects so I won’t be updating this for a long time.
Feel free to refactor it and make the most out of this.

What are your thoughts on it?
Should I start putting it on github?
Does anybody want to maintain this project?

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