Future of LedController

Now that version 1.5.0 of the LedController is released I have implemented all features that I want or rather can implement ant test at the moment.

Since I don’t have a MAX7219 controller 7-Segment Display I cannot test the features I add unless I spend a lot of time to write some unit testing library (which I don’t plan to do).
If I reach the first Patreon goal I will buy such a 7-Segment Display and start implementing most of the features added by all the other forks, such as additional letters and setting of arbitrary segments.

What will probably come in the next weeks is a lot more documentation of the library on the github.io page and of the examples.

I also want to support more boards but I can’t really test them (since I only have an es32dev) so I would love more support by the community.

Another goal is to split all the functions that manipulate Byte Arrays into an additional library so others won’t have to rewrite them if they need them.

If you want any other features or want to help feel free to comment on this post or open an issue on github.

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