Current State of my project

Just like the title suggests I will tell you about what I am working on at the moment.
But first a thank you for all the people reading this.
If you can read it that means you support me and I really value that.
It helps me making more projects and keeping current projects going.

Just like I mentioned in the last post here is the current state of my 2D game development library/engine.
I named it redhand or rather libredhand to resemble greenfoot to some extend but still showing that it is different.
Soon I will start drawing the logo and share the current state of it with all patreons so feel free to leave ideas for features and improvements in the comments.
Please note that this is still an alpha version and far from being complete.
If you decide to create a game with it, some features might be removed.
The library is in a state where I do not promise backwards compatibility.

Attached to this post is the current repository.
But if you are on ubuntu bionic you can also install it via the ppa.
I will probably support other versions of ubuntu but at the moment I cannot really test them in case I want to release them for other versions (my laptop has linux mint 19.3 which is based on ubuntu bionic).

If you want to see the documentation just look here or if you added the ppa you can install libredhand-doc which will add the manpages.

The next feature that will be added is text rendering because it is really essential.
While I am at it I will clean the code up some more and improve the code quality, multithreading usage and the mutex locking.

There are still a lot of things I want to do before this projects goes public.
There is no audio Implementation at the moment, all the visible objects still need an layer of abstraction and they also need a way to detect if they are intersect with another object (I think this will be really annoying to test and debug).
(The additional layer of abstraction will probably be implemented after this project goes public).

I also plan making a game with it, but it will take some time until this will be happening.
The library needs even more features (like audio) until it is truly usable.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic below and make suggestions on what this library also needs.

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