Status update

The past week I took it easy and relaxed a bit more so there was not that much development going on on my own repositories.
But it was not like I was doing nothing at all.

One thing I did was helping with the creation of a debian/ubuntu package for mangohud which was really annoying because so many packages on bionic are way out of date.
I really cannot wait for the new ubuntu and linux mint version.

In addition to that I improved the little-crab-2-player game in my greenfootstuff repository.
It was really annoying to view and change the controls for the players so I moved it to the crabWorld in a spot where it is easy to view and change (the controls are also static final so every other class can view them but not modify them).

I will create a poll where you can vote if I should update the little-crab-2-player to feature selection of player count and changing the controls without recompiling the code.

I also merged the first pull request to the LedController which fixed the 7-Segment example which it didn’t show anything because the Segments were disabled in the setup and not activated…
I appreciate everyone who wants to contribute to my projects even if it is just updating or adding an example or simply reporting any issues or missing documentation.
I know the usage instruction is missing at the moment and will be added in the near future but I cannot say anything more specific because my semester is starting soon and documentation is not my priority at the moment.

I hope you all have a nice Easter weekend despite the ongoing corona crisis.
Remember to stay inside, wash your hands and keep your distance (Things you all should know by now).
Also thanks to all the patreons supporting me it really allows me to work on my project.

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