Paticipating in the Gnome Community Engagement Challenge

I decided to participate in the Gnome Community Engagement Challenge with my yet private project so wish me luck.

I hope I make it at least in the second round of the competition but you never know.

The idea that I submitted was my game development library redhand which is still in early development but this will be the chance to get some support, to help me focus on further developing it and hopefully get a glimpse of what it will be like in late summer.

If I get selected to participate I will start abstracting more of the classes to actually provide the functionality and simplicity I want to provide, allowing even beginners to program small games using redhand. You can still use the lower levels of abstraction but they require a lot of knowledge about how OpenGL and the library works, so they have to be abstracted to allow people to learn programming using it.

I should also write a setup script or vs code extension or something along those lines to allow setting up new projects using redhand but that will be done later.

So what is the Gnome Community Engagement Challenge?

The  Gnome Community Engagement Challenge is an event created by the Gnome Foundation to grow and keep the Open Source community. 

Its goal is to get programmers engaged in open source development and even get new people into programming and contributing to open source.

Go here to learn more.