Finished preparations for publishing my private project

For quite some time I worked on my game development api/library called redhand and now I reached the first milestone.

With version 0.0.12 the project will go public or at least it is ready to go public.
While there is a lot of work to do until this library will hit the beta status, it has reached at least a state which can be presented to the public.

I will switch the project to public when this post goes public (1.7.2020 around 15:00 CEST) then you can look at it on github and maybe test it out yourself.

Like mentioned before I submitted this project for the Gnome Community Engagement Challenge and its application phase also ends tomorrow.
Depending on how the results turn out, you can expect a lot more work on my projects starting late July (after some of my exams are over).
Hopefully the library hits version 0.1.0 this year but since I have another project (for my university) that I have to finish this year, getting everything for version 0.1.0 done by the end of the year seems unlikely (unless a lot of people decide to contribute to the project).

As always thanks to all the people supporting me it really allows me to work on my project.