Plans for 2021

As mentioned in the last post, I have been busy with libtrainsim over the past few month. However now that that project is released, I can focus on my other projects again.

Since December I had time to improve the LedController which is approaching the release of version 2.0.0. Only a dew things are missing and 2.0.0 should be releaseb by the end of February.

This year there are a few things I plan on doing to the LedController. First off the Release of Version 2.1.0 as outlined on github. Since I ordered a set of compatible 7-Segment displays there will be a lot of improvements for working with those. Also I hope on creating a SPI abstraction layer (which will probably end up being its own library) to help with the handling of the SPI interface which might not be present on some boards. Since this is the only place that actually depends on Arduino.h it might also be possible to get that layer working on a raspberry pi or other non Arduino boards, by adding an alternative code path.

Hopefully I will get redhand and libtrainsim working on windows this year. It seems like meson and windows still have a lot of problems and the whole infrastructure on windows is just terrible. I don’t want to compile ffmpeg or other large libraries but linking the shared libraries is a huge pain (there are no .pc file and other problems like compilers).

I plan on doing a (video) tutorial series this year and those videos will be on patreon a week early. I will start with a series on the LedController and will after that probably a few videos on libtrainsim.

Another plan for this year is getting a website (using wordpress). I want to use it to have patrean exclusive git repositories and other things. At the moment I don’t know how I will exactly host the site but there will be a way. The domain will be and it is already registered.

I also applied for a menteeship at the linux foundation and will hopefully be able to earn some money for working on the linux kernel. Because of that there might only be a few posts in Spring.

That’s it for now, I hope you all stay healthy. Until next time. 

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